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Sample Voice Overs

Craft Beer Demo; This voice sells beer

Recycled Sports; a Marine Corps drill instructor

Jackson Jewelers; soft and understated

Phones; uptempo, for the hyperactive businessperson

Detroit Carpet; a straight-up professional voice

Disclaimer – a parody of every disclaimer ever

NPR Teaser – a humorous take on NPR

Carlo’s Italian Sandwiches; a Jersey Guy named Louie

Thank-you. And a call to action...

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What is Your Message?

As a voice actor, the first question I ask everyone who wants  me to be a part of the creative team is What is your message? In other words, what is the purpose of this bit of theater you are producing?

Voice is our most primal means of communication. Voice is powerful. Voice creates an unbreakable bond between child and parent.  Voice can make our heart skip beats – think back on the voice of your first middle school crush.  If I were to play for you an audio clip and all you heard were the words “YO ADRIAN!!,” you see, deep in your heart,  a bloodied Rocky standing in the ring, hoisting his championship belt high overhead.

Voice is that powerful. Voice can inform, motivate, thrill, terrify.

Don’t waste it.

You want me to be a part of your creative team.  As your new hire, the big question is: What do you want me to do?

As a voice actor, the answer is found when you answer the question: “What is Your Message?”

Thank-you for inquiry.

David Stanley

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