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Sample Voice Overs

Craft Beer Demo; This voice sells beer

Recycled Sports; a Marine Corps drill instructor

Jackson Jewelers; soft and understated

Phones; uptempo, for the hyperactive businessperson

Detroit Carpet; a straight-up professional voice

Disclaimer – a parody of every disclaimer ever

NPR Teaser – a humorous take on NPR

Carlo’s Italian Sandwiches; a Jersey Guy named Louie

Thank-you. And a call to action...

The Prez and Voice Guy…


David StanleyOwner-operator David Stanley has over thirty years business experience in the corporate, education and entertainment worlds.  Over the years, Stanley has been …

  • Collegiate soccer & ski team member
  • Olympic hopeful bicycle racer
  • Ski Shop Manager
  • Financial services advisor
  • High school and club soccer coach
  • Ski team coach
  • High school science, English & tech teacher
  • Author
  • A Father, Son, Husband & Uncle
  • Musician and a singer with a winning baritone
  • Voice and stage actor
  • And always …
  • a guy with a hundred characters                                running ’round in his head

David Stanley will use his

lifetime of experience to

craft the perfect vocal image for

your voice-over and voice acting needs.